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About Us

Mission: Provide Every Expat With Access To Regulated & Transparent Financial Advice

Why Expats Prefer Us

  • UK Qualified Advisers | Experience
  • Fixed Costs | Transparent
  • Clients Globally | Trusted
  • EU MiFID II Regulation | Security
  • FCA Regulated Providers | Protection

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About Us Cameron James Expat Financial Planning

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About Us

Mission: Provide Every Expat With Access To
Regulated & Transparent Financial Advice

01 Problem

Expats Have Been Poorly Served

When it comes to Financial Advice, the Expat market has been poorly served. Cold calls from unqualified Advisers at unregulated companies selling inferior products.

Financial Adviser’s using networking and social events to push high commission products with little to no transparency on how they are paid. Many Expats have had bad experiences, and it has been challenging to know where to turn.

About Us Cameron James Expat Financial Planning
About Us Cameron James Expat Financial Planning
02 Solution

02 Solution

C21st Financial Planning

Cameron James guides our clients with EU MiFID regulated advice from an RDR UK qualified Adviser experienced in advising expats globally. Our Costs are transparent so you know exactly how much you are paying for our advice in advance. No surprises. No last-minute add-ons. This allows you to make more informed decisions on you and your family’s future.

Cameron James Developments

Cameron James was born during a British Airways flight between two British Expats exchanging experiences and distrust of Financial Advisers. CJ is now managing portfolios in 23 countries!

Why Do Expats Prefer Cameron James?


Clients know how much their advice will cost in advance. No extras.

Approved by Expats

Used & Approved by Expats in 23 countries across 6 continents.

Highly Regulated

Our advice is EU MiFID regulated. All Advisers are UK RDR Qualified.


Our Advisers see thousands of Expat situations. We know your needs.

Dedicated Adviser

Direct line to your Dedicated Adviser. No hold music.

Low Online Cost

Our Online Costs deliver a premium service without usual high costs.

Strategic Alliances Our Clients Benefit From

Top 150 Questions - Asked By Expats!

Our FAQ section includes the questions asked by our existing Expat clients. If you don't see your question - Ask us and we'll answer it.

The average time for a pension transfer is 3-4 weeks. Depending upon the type of pension with DB transfers taking longer and DC transfers shorter. In our experience, exemplary paperwork and streamlined communication are keys to faster transfers. Errors lead to longer transfer times. International SIPP transfers are generally quicker, while QROP transfers take longer.

Nobody likes surprises. At CJ our clients know exactly how much their financial advice will cost before they proceed. We have initial advice and set-up fee of 1-3% depending on the size of your investment and an ongoing annual management charge of 1% – Our Costs.

Absolutely not. There are no nasty lock-in periods with CJ. If you are ever unhappy with our level of service you are free to leave without cost. This keeps us on our toes to continue delivering our high quality of service.

Your policy will pass directly to your named beneficiaries which you state in your application process.  So you have peace of mind that your loved ones will automatically receive your assets. No messing around.

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